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We can help with:

- IT & Business Strategy & Governance (including roadmaps)
- IT Mgmt. & Policies
- Organizational Assessments
- Corporate Strategy Recommendations
- Performance & People - Operational cost management & profitability
- M&A: due-diligence and integrations
- Incident & Problem Mgmt.
- Availability & Capacity Mgmt.
- Change & Release Mgmt.
- Asset Mgmt.
- Cyber Security (Review, Strategy & Assessment)
- Disaster Recovery (Review, Strategy & Assessment)
- Business Continuity (Review, Strategy & Assessment) - Architecture (Application, Solution & Enterprise)
- Etc.


Getting Started

1. Review the credentials of virtual CIO/CTO by downloading their resume.

2. Then, book any CxO (CTO/CIO/CISO/CMO) by clicking the "Book Me" button.

3. Upon confirmation, you will be redirected to our registration calendar to schedule your meeting.

How We Start

We start with an intake meeting to understand your needs and challenges. Together we leverage this information to assess and determine what stage (Plan + Start, Manage + Grow, or Transition + Exit) your business is in. This can last 15-30 min. Then, we drive results by jumping right in. 

After our first session, we establish a cadence that maximizes your time and delivers results.

Resources & Materials

Each client receives a link to a secure and customized OneNote meeting tracker. Additionally, we track each session, share resources and materials using a dedicated and secure cloud drive. After our first session, we establish a cadence that maximizes your time and delivers results.

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